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Restoring a sense of safety; Supporting Children, Families & Communities in times of Crisis
Calling all educators, academics, policy makers and parents!

Join us for this FREE webinar that sheds light on the experiences of children affected by the recent Australian bushfires, by examining the impact of adversity on children, families and the community, and the important role that the early childhood and school education systems play in restoring a sense of security and safety.

Featuring the following speakers –
-Mark Donovan, clinical psychologist and Clinic Manager at UOW Northfields Clinic @ Early Start
Mark will examine the effects of trauma on children and how to restore safety and security in affected communities.

-Kathy Powzun, Executive Director, Bushfire Relief Strategy, NSW Department of Education
Kathy will reflect on how the NSW Department of Education has responded during the bushfire crisis and what support systems are in place to support children, families and communities across bushfire affected regions.

-Kim Flint, Director Eden Early Learning Centre
The early childhood education setting perspective – Kim gives insight into the affect of the bushfires on the early childhood education community and how Eden ELC has addressed the challenges.

Plus UOW Early Start experts Professor Marc de Rosnay, Associate Professor Cathrine Neilsen-Hewett in a Q&A session hosted by Leanne Gibbs.

Webinar will present website and resources Bushfire Response – A guide for early childhood education settings.

This webinar series will be of particular interest to educators, academics, policy makers and parents.

This webinar is NESA registered for professional development.
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